April 11, 2019

It’s that time of year again, marathon season!

Your marathon training has been going well, increasing the mileage, running on tired legs, speed sessions on the track, testing out new shoes, socks or other gadgets, but what about tapering?

Tapering is one of the most important parts of any training plan. Get it right and all that hard work will pay off, get it wrong and you may suffer on your big day. With the longest run of your training program complete City Jogging Tours are here to offer you some top tips to getting your taper just right!

We recommend beginning your taper a full three weeks before race day, starting the day after your last long run (around 20 miles for most people). Tapering for a marathon is a gradual process:

3 weeks to go:

  1. Reduce your weekly mileage to around 20 - 25% of your highest mileage week (using a fitness tracker such as Strava to log your weekly miles). The week before this will typically be your highest mileage week.

  2. If you've introduced speed...

April 17, 2018

As the UK gets ready for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May, City Jogging Tours is offering visitors and Londoners a royal sightseeing tour while they keep fit.

City Jogging Tours, which has offered various running tours across the capital since 2009, has a special Royal London running tour allowing Londoners and visitors the chance to learn some royal history while getting into the spirit of the occasion.

All the tours offer both novice and experienced runners guided tours of London's most iconic sights, with distances ranging from between 5k and 10k on their group tours. Private tours are their most popular option, with the distance tailored to the needs of the runner.

City Jogging Tours' founder, Londoner Hope Sloly, an experienced guide and marathon runner, said:

"Meghan Markle herself is a big running fan, describing it as 'a moving meditation'. I am excited to welcome international and local visitors alike to explore our beautiful city while getting a...

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