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Favourite Running Resources

Runners Need has over 35 years experience as the UK's running specialist with stores across the UK.  Stores are staffed by experienced runners enabling them to offer advice on areas such as training, injuries and nutrition. Their stores utilize the latest Dartfish video gait technology to help analyse your running form and recommend the correct running shoes. Runners Need is pleased to offer all City Jogging Tour customers 10% discount on all full priced shoes and clothing in store.

Free to Run’s mission is to use running and outdoor adventure to empower and educate women and girls affected by conflict. They support those living within conflict areas as well as those who have been forced to flee their country and live as refugees. Free to Run operates on the basic principle that sport is a human right and not a luxury. 

Sightrunning is not just limited to London, it's a global phenomenon! Discover the 200+ running tour organisations worldwide through, the gateway to your guided run at your next destination. Below you'll also find some running tour providers we personally recommend in Edinburgh, Paris and Berlin.

The original and most popular sightrunning company in Paris, led by Jean-Charles. Take a running tour in Paris with an experienced local Parisian and discover the delights of Paris on foot. City Jogging Tour clients can receive a 10% discount with Paris Running Tours (ask when booking).

The original and most popular sightrunning company in Berlin, Mike has been leading tours in the heart of the German capital since 2004. Mike's SightRunning offers outstanding and personalised sightseeing to business travelers and tourists alike. 

The original running tour company in Edinburgh. Take a running tour in Edinburgh with Nicole and her team and discover the wonders of the capital of Scotland through running. City Jogging Tour clients can receive a 10% discount with Edinburgh Run Tours (ask when booking).

Guided Running Tours in Lisbon! City Jogging Tour clients can receive a 10% discount with Lisbon Running Tours (ask when booking).

New Balance have been producing superior footwear and athletic apparel for both amateur and professional athletes for over 100 years. We are proud to have New Balance as the headline sponsor of City Jogging Tours. 

The leaders in eyewear innovation, Sunwise sports sunglasses are designed for sports performance & leisure. Great for all weather & environments and a must-have for runners all year round. Sunwise sponsor City Jogging Tours.

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