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Denise Karagozlu, Argentina

"For sure one of the highlights of my stay in London was my City Jogging Tour! I got to know London from the inside as I ran through one of its fabulous parks while exercising. I had a great time, my guide was fabulous and we did it all at my pace! If you go to London and like running, you can't miss it!"

Richard Lebon, France

"Brilliant idea! I took the 'Royal London' tour and really enjoyed it. My guide was very knowledgeable and I got to see the sights I was interested in while also getting in my daily run. Thank-you!"

Katie Dimmer, UK

"Thanks City Jogging Tours. I reallly enjoyed running 'Iconic London', what a great way to explore the city, very innovative! "

Dorothea Martz, Austria

"I travel a lot and usually try to go Jogging wherever I am. London is so big and it was difficult to know where to run, but with City Jogging Tours I did not have to worry about this - everything was arranged and I really had a lot of fun! The T-shirts and photos are nice for memory too! When I'm next in London I will run with City Jogging Tours and I will definitely recommend this to my friends in Austria."

Meera Zucker, USA

"It was nice to run with someone who lives in London. My guide was very friendly and stopped to take pictures of me on the route. I chose a personalised tour and so my guide picked me up from my hotel and customised the route for me, which was very convenient. I have tried walking tours in other cities before, but with this Jogging tour I was able to see so much more. London is a wonderful city and I will be sure to use City Jogging Tours to explore more of London when I return next year. Keep up the good work City Jogging Tours!"

Daniela Villacreses, Ecuador

"Super way to see London. Better than bus or walking tour. Thank-you, I will run with you again soon."

Clare Sayce, UK

"I learnt many things about London on the 'Riverside London' tour and I also met with some other runners in the group. This is perfect for people like me who want to learn about the sights of London and exercise at the same time. Thank-you!"

Angela Rouse, Luxemburg

"Super! What an imaginative way to explore London. I've visited London many times, but running 'Iconic London' I visited parts I had never seen before and learnt so much about them. My guide runner was fantastic and she ensured the pace was suitable for all of us in the group. Well done City Jogging Tours, I will tour with you again!"

Alice Gilbert, UK

"I'm a new runner and was keen to jog in London when I was visiting, but was worried about running alone. City Jogging Tours suggested the perfect tour for me. I ran in a small friendly group with a very informative guide. I had a great time on the run and would recommend this to anyone visiting London who would like to see the sights on the run!"

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